Things to Know When You Hire Me!

It's pretty amazing that you're here in my little-big corner of the internet. I never for one second forget how blessed I am to have clients and friends that love my work enough to check out my blog, comment on my Instagram, and even hire me. If you're in the market to hire me, you should know a few great things about your decision!


1. I am happy to see you, and trust me- you look amazing! 

One of the blessings of working with clients one-on-one while creating images is that I get to pick up on your great vibes, and I get to share some joy-vibes in your life! My goal is to make you see how stunning you really are, and that might include making you laugh. Everyone has a genuine personality that I aim to make known in your photos. So relax, you're with a professional who has years of experience making people look their best. I have a fun but strict... "no negativity!" policy. So what does that mean? It means your time with me is going to be filled with encouragement. Not just compliments, but genuine relationship building where I get to see what fires you up! We're going to talk about how good-looking you are from the inside out! The world doesn't need more photoshop, it needs more graceful and confident people like you!


2. I have years of experience. I work with clients everyday!

As my oldest sister always says: "You've been around the horn!" Which means "You've seen it all, and dealt with it!" And yes I have. We can swap crazy stories later, but after 6+ years in the photography industry, I have seen a lot! And one of the things I'm proudest of, is that I have so many happy clients! My goal is to work with you, and educate you about how I do my business so we lower the risk of any miscommunication.


3. I hand-edit all of my images, and each one is a piece of art with a lot of hours behind it!

Photography is a lot more than just pressing a button! Professionals make it look easy, but it sure isn't! Let's say a shoot last 30 minutes. After our 30 minutes of shooting, I head home and backup all your images to different drives so nothing gets lost. Then those images are selected and edited in various professional software programs that allow me to change the tone and feel of the image and even take out some distracting elements. Then those images are put through 2 or 3 more rounds of editing and processing until they are uploaded into a high resolution gallery for you to download and share. I love it when my clients appreciate the work and time that goes into their product, and I especially love it when they post and tag me (@KaitlynBeckerPhoto on Instagram or Kaitlyn Becker Photography on Facebook) in those photos! 


4. Your opinion matters!

When you work with me, you also get the chance to get the images you've always wanted. If you have a park, a special swing set, or a particular place that you've imagined getting photos at, let me know! Speak up, and let me know what your preferences are, so we can all be involved in the creative process together. You invest in me so I can invest my artistic expertise back into you!


5. You actually rock.

Did you know that everyone person you meet knows something you don't know? That's a simple statement- but a profound one. Every time I meet someone I have the chance to get to know a person who is an expert in engineering, motherhood, hair care, oncology or any number of fields! It's exciting, and each person has something amazing to bring to the table. I want you to feel that confidence when you book with me! You're killin' it. 



Kaitlyn Becker


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