Danielle Heitzman | Central VA Portrait Session

Say hello to Dani.

Yes, Dani. 


Danielle Heitzman was one of those "friends at work" that became a Real Friend. A Proper Noun Capitalized Real Friend.

When I started work at Liberty University Marketing as a Photographer I got to know her because of her frequent love of puns and good office humor that brightened up our little cubicle-land. Dani is an excellent graphic designer, and hardworking professional. She never complains about having too much to do...she loves being busy, and getting work done. She also loves The Office and making friends in our office, so no matter where I moved, I knew she would always stop by in the mornings!

Once I found out that she loved hiking and camping just like me, the funniest thing happened: We took a spontaneous camping and hiking trip together, just us two. Bunch of crazy kids. We knew each other from work and got along well, but this was our first 'big' outing with just us two. We started the day early Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market and grabbing a random assortment of food that we deemed as "hipster" enough to take on a camping trip to Big Island, VA. We even stopped into antique stores and bought things just for the aesthetic. We had reached a new level of Millennial.

Our camping trip went well, and for the weeks and months that followed, we were able to spend more and more time together outside of the office, just talking, biking, playing tennis, or going on more trips. It has been an amazing journey to see how much we have both grown emotionally and spiritually because of the kinship that good, godly, friendship creates. We've bounced ideas off of each other and even talked about making a magazine (one day!), and in the end Danielle is one of my favorite encouragers and creators. 

If you know her, then you are privileged and blessed to be a friend to someone who cares so deeply for those around her. 


Comment below some of your favorite memories of close friends! I love hearing those long ago stories of people that we'll never forget. I'll mention my favorite on my next post, @KaitlynBeckerPhoto!