Where it all started.

When I was 8 years old I remember running around in circles inside an old newspaper photography darkroom door. If you've ever been in a darkroom you know there is a black revolving door that keeps out the light from one side and keeps the darkroom enclosed in darkness. Large vessels of chemicals like developer, fixer, and 'stop bath' line the walls of this art laboratory, and the relaxing sound of water rushing over printed images fills the dark silence. The darkroom was and is magic, science, and art all rolled into one. 

I remember my Dad showing me how film was developed, washed, dried, and eventually made into photographic prints. It was astounding. Even in a digital age it still astounds me that a mirror, a hole, and some film can capture all the intricacies of light and shadow to make an image. In some cultures taking a person's photograph is actually like capturing a piece of their soul. In a small way maybe there is some symbolic truth there.

To this day I still love the familiarity of a darkroom. The tactile and tedious process of making one single image made it that much more worth it. That's the kind of dedication I pray shows in my digital images today. Each photograph I take isn't perfect, but the honor of having a camera in my hands and having countless clients trust me with capturing them is enough to make me think twice when I click the shutter. I get chills just thinking about it. Need to stop time and frame it with beauty and honesty? I'm your girl.