Sunrise Couples Session Memphis, Tennessee

Lindsay and Kevin Julian are what you'd call a "Power Couple."




Yes, they live in a bustling city with interesting jobs, a beautiful home, a fur baby kitten, with building projects and fun possibilities on the horizon. But that's not the kind of success and power that I'm talking about. I'm talking about the kind of power couple, the kind of marriage, that can make it through anything that life throws at them.

This year Lindsay and Kevin started drawing up plans for new projects they wanted to build this year and next, but they also suffered confusing and relentless injuries from herniated discs, back and neck pain, and more. It was a hard year for them, but I've never been more proud of how they have handled it as a couple; with even more relentless prayer and patience.

As family of Lindsay and Kevin, I can say that they are great models to me and my husband. I am so thankful for them.

A little bit of the sunrise behind the Autozone Building.   

A little bit of the sunrise behind the Autozone Building.


The two were such troopers to get up before the crack of dawn to drive downtown and take pictures on top of the Autozone Building in Downtown Memphis. Ever since Kevin started working there and showing us the beautiful skyline at the top of his home office, I wanted to do a session there.  

It was a dark, the wind was howling, and it was dipping into that dangerous "below 30 degree" zone that made your bones shiver. But, Lindsay and Kevin dressed as warmly (and quite fashionably) as they could and braved the cold. I'm so glad they did! Take a look at these great moments in the Memphis sunrise!


I love these two so much! And the blessings they bring to my life! I couldn't have asked for a better family, or a better shoot, despite the cold! 

My prayer is that you also see the things in your life that God is working together for His good. Comment below what small things God has been faithful in in your life!


Kaitlyn Becker




P.s. Here's a few fun phone photos from The Arcade, where we had a delicious breakfast afterwards.




Lynchburg College, Central VA Date Night Session

Kaylee and Michael are goofballs.

But you wouldn't know that when meeting them for the first time. Two professionals in their twenties....this couple knows how to work hard and laugh hard. They rock the 'smise' model face while still laughing about their month of Pokemon Go life. Quite fitting, as we walked through the beautiful lawn and academic are of the Lynchburg College campus, which is also a Pokemon Go 'haven' of sorts.


I have known Kaylee for almost 2 years! As the project coordinator for my full time job as a photographer at Liberty University, I get to work with her 8 hours a day...5 days a week! So, its always a great idea to know your co-workers a bit, because they become your family.

Sometime in the early months of my employment in the winter of 2015-16 Michael started dropping by with Chick-Fil-A, and offering Kaylee the kind words and encouragement that she needed. While Kaylee laughed it off, we could all see that Michael liked her and it wasn't long before they were an official couple. Learning about Michael through Kaylee's little snippets of conversation made our little family love him all the more. A talented musician and rapper, Michael was the fun and laid back personality that a made Kaylee relax and enjoy the small things. He also made her laugh....and that's a big part of who they are!

Kaylee has asked before our session that the photos be "fun and fancy", so what did I do? I made sure good spirits and lots of laughs were happening. Kaylee even took off her shoes for a few of the above shots. We also made sure to use the gorgeous Jeffersonian architecture of Lynchburg College to emphasis their beautiful ensembles, and give that professional look that they were looking for. Check out these models...


And can we also talk about how slick this suit looks on Michael? Dang.

I loved shooting this beautiful Lynchburg College Campus session. Any other Lynchburg College Alumni out there? I live right around the corner from this beautiful spot, and I can't wait to explore it more in the future. Headshots, anyone?

Thanks again Kaylee and Michael!


Kaitlyn Becker






Dress: Live Trendy or Die

Suit: J. Ferrar, J.C. Penny