Lynchburg College, Central VA Date Night Session

Kaylee and Michael are goofballs.

But you wouldn't know that when meeting them for the first time. Two professionals in their twenties....this couple knows how to work hard and laugh hard. They rock the 'smise' model face while still laughing about their month of Pokemon Go life. Quite fitting, as we walked through the beautiful lawn and academic are of the Lynchburg College campus, which is also a Pokemon Go 'haven' of sorts.


I have known Kaylee for almost 2 years! As the project coordinator for my full time job as a photographer at Liberty University, I get to work with her 8 hours a day...5 days a week! So, its always a great idea to know your co-workers a bit, because they become your family.

Sometime in the early months of my employment in the winter of 2015-16 Michael started dropping by with Chick-Fil-A, and offering Kaylee the kind words and encouragement that she needed. While Kaylee laughed it off, we could all see that Michael liked her and it wasn't long before they were an official couple. Learning about Michael through Kaylee's little snippets of conversation made our little family love him all the more. A talented musician and rapper, Michael was the fun and laid back personality that a made Kaylee relax and enjoy the small things. He also made her laugh....and that's a big part of who they are!

Kaylee has asked before our session that the photos be "fun and fancy", so what did I do? I made sure good spirits and lots of laughs were happening. Kaylee even took off her shoes for a few of the above shots. We also made sure to use the gorgeous Jeffersonian architecture of Lynchburg College to emphasis their beautiful ensembles, and give that professional look that they were looking for. Check out these models...


And can we also talk about how slick this suit looks on Michael? Dang.

I loved shooting this beautiful Lynchburg College Campus session. Any other Lynchburg College Alumni out there? I live right around the corner from this beautiful spot, and I can't wait to explore it more in the future. Headshots, anyone?

Thanks again Kaylee and Michael!


Kaitlyn Becker






Dress: Live Trendy or Die

Suit: J. Ferrar, J.C. Penny





Central Virginia Fashion Lifestyle Session // Macey Alexandra

Three things: #Sponsored, #Influencer, #Blogger.


You wouldn't expect any of those hashtags to define Macey when you meet her. A friendly, easy going lady, Macey also laughs over our adventurous mistakes of very strong (read: pungent) cold brew coffee at 8AM on a Saturday. She jumps right into conversation about how new and somewhat unpredictable the next season of post-graduation life will be. Exciting things are happening for Macey in the world of being a voice for brands that align with her vision of bringing good every day products and fashion to real women. She carefully crafts her posts to explain why she loves products, but always steers clear of being "too selly" as she puts it. She loves getting 'collab mail', but also loves being honest with her over 11k Instagram followers at @MaceyAlexandra. You could say she's pretty grounded. 

I finally got the chance to coordinate some photos for her upcoming collaborations, and spend some time walking around our humble city of Lynchburg, Virginia.  We met years ago when she was an intern for the food service company that I worked for, and became quick friends. After many shared coffees, and what seemed like endless hours of blowing up balloons for events, we came to the conclusion that friendships are built on cultivating time and care for each other, and cheering each other on in our passions. So Macey, GET IT GIRL. I'm your biggest fan.


Can we talk about how naturally radiant Macey is? This girl makes my job easy with a personality and grace like this! If you're looking through these, and interested in collaborating, let's talk!  One of my favorite parts of being a Virginia Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer is working with people from all over, and helping them visually tell their story the best way possible.


So many great vendors contributed to the outfits you see here! Go check them out by clicking the links below!

Pink Romper by 599 Fashion

Floral Dress by Ellie Lynn Boutique

Black Bodycon Ruffle Dress

Open Toe Booties

Beaded Glory Necklace