So, whats with the cream soda?

First of all, have you ever had a cream soda?

There are about 5 million brands, tastes, and cool packaging designs out there. But, IBC Cream Soda, has always been my favorite. Why? Because it represents backyard cookouts, relaxation, and that small victory lap reward after a challenging day. It represents celebrating in the "good ol' 1950s American" way, young and full of life.

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding, portrait, and business photographer in Virginia is sharing my life and meeting other people who are doing amazing things in their own. We can always sit down for a coffee, but don't you think a good intentional conversation over an ice cold soda sounds...well..refreshing? 

I'm all about refreshing. My goal is to deliver amazing images with a refreshing style and with the type of relationship and service you would expect from a professional that loves people and values good customer service.

So, join me for a conversation some time over an IBC Cream Soda....heck, any cream soda!


Kaitlyn Becker