loves of KBP: My Dad, My MEntor.

One of the great things about my business and brand, is how it was passed down to me.  My father became a newspaper photojournalist in his twenties and became one of the leading photographers for spot news, human interest, fashion, and sports. As of February 2018, Bob Breidenbach has been the only photographer to shoot every Super Bowl that the Patriots have played in. He's pretty impressive.


When I was a little girl, he told me that I could be a photographer too, if I kept my head up, and was ok with learning for the rest of my life.  He has walked me through photography from my days of using a disposable camera up until my job as a full time marketing photographer at a university.  


So why this photo? Because this man puts just as much care and attention into peach pie, as he does his images. #Goals.